Hard Rock Hotels Announced Today Plans To Build Eight Hotels

Hard Rock Hotels today reported that they would build eight hotels, including Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Ilha de Sol, Campos do Jordao, Foz do Iguaçu, Jericoacoara,  victory333 casinoNatal and Recife with nearly 3.000 rooms across many major Brazilian cities. The hotel buildings designed and operated by the Brazilian real estate company VCI S.A. are run by the Hard Rock Hotel group, famous for the world’s leading guest experiences.

Added value 

The added value of these Hard Rock assets is a continuing international extension, emphasising mostly South American areas. Their extensive hospitality portfolio. The forthcoming Hard Rock hotels in Brazil will highlight the lively, energetic and creative community of this country through local architecture and unparalleled live musical experiences. While design elements vary with each house, world famous architectures and international design firms work to provide the properties with specific items to be shown.

Along with the features of interior design, Hard Rock has been constantly recollecting genuine memories by prominent Brazilian artists to appear in its world-renowned collection of over 86 000 items and in each property, providing visitors from around the world with rare and unforgettable experiences. The buildings are scheduled to be completed over the next eight years and 3 projects have already been constructed with Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, and the first phase of Ilha de Sol anticipated for 2022, Recife, Natal and the second phase of Ilha de Sol anticipated for 2024.


The construction of 8 new Hard Rock Hotels is projected to improve local economies through tourism, creating between hundreds and thousands of jobs in the region. In order to enhance housing, health, transport access and social services before completion, local executives are working on the development progress that the physical construction has produced.

Brazil is on track to lead the world stage in the construction of 10 hard rock hotels with three separate partners, VCI S.A. becoming a leader on the three world destinations, said Todd Hricko, Senior Vice President of Hard Rock Hotels. The announcement shows great strides in the continuing global development of Hard Rock and in particular in future years in Brazil.”

Samuel Sicchierolli, VCI President & Chairman: We are extremely pleased that you are collaborating in partnership with Hard Rock to make the brand live in a new market.” “For Hard Rock, the following eight years will mark a new age, and we are honoured to be able to help grow.

Wide range 

In a true Hard Rock feel, both hotels can attract visitors with a wide variety of iconic brand offerings, including the Sound of Your Stay programme, a three-part service that enables guests to stream or rent a Crosley vinyl player in the groove, and on request a guitar delivery from Fender. Each property will also have a Rock Shop and a Rock Spa full-service with different properties offering additional conventional hard rock facilities.

Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the world’s most recognised corporations in 68 countries, including 239 owned/licensed or operated properties, casinos, rock shops and other establishments.

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