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Small country, great opportunities

The Dutch Education SystemThe Netherlands has two types of higher education institutions. The Research Universities that focus on independent research to an academic position. The Universities of Applied Sciences s, which are more focused in practice and prepare students directly for specific careers. A small part of the universities is made up of International Education Institutions , which offer specific programs to international students. Read more..

Study in EnglishEnjoy it, in Holland you study in English.Holland, also known as the Netherlands, was the first country that does not have English as its official language to offer courses taught in English. Dutch higher education institutions together offer more than 1,500 international study programs and courses taught entirely in English. Thus, Holland is the leader in continental Europe.The use of the English language is also common outside institutions of higher education. Dutch society has adopted English as its second language. You can easily live in the Netherlands without knowing how to speak Dutch, but learning a few words will enrich your unique experience.Enter the undergraduate page to choose your study program and learn about the English proficiency requirements for your sandwich degree in the Netherlands.

Be creativeThe Netherlands is a creative country. Studying with the Dutch is to be encouraged to think of innovative solutions through discoveries in groups of international minds.Creativity and innovation have always been present in Dutch culture. There are countless designers, advertisers, journalists, producers and visual artists who are inspired by old masters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt van Rijn and other great artists exhibited in the various museums present in the region.Valuing the creative aspects is a matter of survival for the country. With much of its territory below sea level, the Netherlands needs to think outside the box and seek innovative solutions in areas such as engineering and technology.In the business world, creativity is also present. Dutch higher education institutions have extensive cooperation with the business community capable of promoting the exchange of knowledge between professionals and students. This partnership can result in joint project opportunities and valuable business contacts. Read more..

Stay ConnectedStudying in the Netherlands means being connected to the world. Currently almost 10% of the student population is made up of international students. Dutch Higher Education aims to create international classes to pass on Dutch knowledge and to exchange ideas between different cultures and points of view. You will be encouraged to try out your opinion and your ideas will be appreciated.Outside the classroom you will also encounter other customs and cultures, all incorporated into the Dutch way of life. Dutch society is multicultural, not only because of its location at the crossroads of European cultures, but also because of its historical presence in the world.You will therefore not only have a Dutch experience, you will be connected to the world. Read more..

Quality in teachingYou will be part of the third best education system in the world.The Netherlands is present with 12 universities in the TOP 200 of the Times Higher Education World University Ranking and is therefore recognized as the 3rd best education system in the world, behind only the United States and the United Kingdom. The quality of Dutch higher education institutions is guaranteed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands. All institutions are financed and evaluated by the government of the country.

International students in the Netherlands are welcomed with a special quality guarantee, the so-called Code of Conduct (CoC), which regulates admission, guidance and complaints procedures. All educational institutions that receive foreign students must sign and act in accordance with the Code administered by Nuffic.All universities participating in the CsF Netherlands program have signed the code. Read more..Student cultureThe Dutch community of higher education is integrated into society. Higher education institutions are spread across the country and only a few have other campuses. The buildings of some universities can sometimes be part of the city center, as in Amsterdam. Without a doubt, there is a student culture. Around each university there is a network of student associations that carry out all kinds of activities related to the student environment, recreation and sports.

Associations are run by students and some are internationally oriented. There are also bars, restaurants and other meeting places especially for students. In general, we can say that the Dutch student community forms a large part of society.